Ken Allen commenced the practice in 1991 having previously managed another practice for some 7 years. Ken maintains a hands on approach with business clients even though the practice has grown significantly. Ken has always advised clients on the basis that “if this was my business what type of advice do I need”

Ken has found that accountants and other professionals are good at answering questions they are asked but need to to clients,

“these are the questions you need to ask me to get the answers you really need to know”

Allen & Co works as a business and as such relates to clients which are businesses themselves.Simple enough concept you say!

But ask your self do my accountants;

  • Visit my premises to get an understanding of what we actually do and to understand the competitive environment we are operating in.
  • Does my accountant understand where I want to head with my business.
  • Does my accountant understand that I do want to work smarter not harder.
  • Does my accountant understand that I do actually need his skills to advise me on all matters of my business, not just tax issues.