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  • Why Allen & co. ?


    Allen & Co works as a business and as such relates to clients which are businesses themselves. Simple enough concept you say!

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    Tax Planning & problem solving
    Income Tax Return preparation & lodgement
    Individuals & Partnerships
    Budget & Cash Flow Preparation
    Business Planning
    Management Accounting
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    Set up of Shelf companies,Trust Deeds, Joint Venture Agreements etc.
    Business & Group structuring
    On-line searching, Companies, Titles, Business names etc.
    Maintenance of Statutory records
    Electronic ASIC lodgement
    ASIC compulsory reporting
  • About Ken Allen

    "these are the questions you need to ask me to get the answers you really need to know"

    Ken Allen commenced in practice in 1991 having previously managed another practice for some 7 years. Ken maintains a hands on approach with business clients even though the practice has grown significantly. Ken has always advised clients on the basis that "if this was my business what type of advice do I need"

Awesome & Great Services

We are a straight talking, efficient and effective accountancy firm, committed to helping you out without the hassle.

  • Superannuation Services

    SMSF Establishment Annual Returns

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    Corporate Compliance & Services

    ASIC compulsory reporting Electronic ASIC lodgement Maintenance of Statutory records On-line searching, Companies, Titles, Business names etc. Business & Group structuring Set up of Shelf companies,Trust Deeds, Joint Venture Agreements etc.

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    Accounting Services

    Budget & Cash Flow Preparation Management Accounting Performance monitoring Business Planning Business Health Assessments

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    Taxation Services

    Tax Planning & problem solving   Income Tax Return preparation & lodgement: Individuals & Partnerships Joint Ventures Companies Trusts Superannuation Funds GST Fringe Benefits Tax PAYG

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